Abu Dhabi, the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates is the largest among the seven Emirates that constructs UAE. Abu Dhabi is also the hub of political & industrial activities and is the commercial centre of UAE. The importance of the city as political and commercial hub and important tourist destination attracts people from all corners of the globe including India. Experience the exotica of the richest city of the world: Abu Dhabi with Jet Airways.

Flying from Abu Dhabi? Check these exciting deals & offers on Jet Airways flights from Abu Dhabi.

1. Fly direct to 7 Indian cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Pune, Bengaluru, Goa, Lucknow, Mangalore and Hyderabad
2. Enjoy excellent in-flight facilities like food, entertainment and assistance
3. Get some excellent offers and tour packages
4. Carry up to 40 kgs of check-in baggage and 7 kgs of cabin baggage in Economy arrangement
5. Carry up to 50 kgs of check-in baggage and 7 kgs of cabin baggage in Premier

Tourist Attractions of Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi boosts of several tourist attractions like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain Paradise Garden, Emirates Palace, Yas Viceroy, Jebel Hafeet, Hili Fun City, Al Ain Zoo, Arabian Nights Heritage Village, Al Ain National Museum, Archaeological site on Sir Bani Yas, Delma Island, Saadiyat Island, etc.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport
Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in this world that serves Abu Dhabi. 53 airlines from all across the globe connect 85 destinations in 49 countries with Abu Dhabi. The airport is equipped with several facilities to serve its guests including duty free shopping, dining, children’s playing area, car parking, etc.

Getting To/From Abu Dhabi International Airport
If you want to go to the airport from the city or to the city from the airport, you have widest choice of vehicles. You can use your own vehicle and park it in the parking area at the airport. Secondly, you can use public bus or taxi for your transportation. However, you can also hire a car from Payless, Thrifty Car Rental, Europcar, Hertz, Dollar Rent a Car or Budget Car & Van Rental.

Jet Airways Flight Schedule from Abu Dhabi

Destination Flight No Operating Carrier Days Operated Departure Arrival Eff From Eff Till
Mumbai 9W583 Jet Airways Daily 1855 2335 11-Feb-2017 25-Mar-17
Mumbai 9W583 Jet Airways Daily 1855 2340 26-Mar-2017 28-Oct-17
Mumbai 9W583 Jet Airways Daily 1855 2335 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Mumbai 9W585 Jet Airways Daily 0825 1255 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Mumbai 9W585 Jet Airways Daily 0825 1310 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Mumbai 9W585 Jet Airways Daily 0825 1255 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Pune 9W513 Jet Airways Daily 2220 0305 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Pune 9W513 Jet Airways Daily 2230 0305 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Pune 9W513 Jet Airways Daily 2230 0305 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Bengaluru 9W515 Jet Airways Daily 2140 0315 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Delhi 9W211 Jet Airways Daily 0845 1335 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Delhi 9W211 Jet Airways Daily 0845 1330 26-Mar-17 08-Jan-18
Delhi 9W581 Jet Airways Daily 2220 0310 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Delhi 9W581 Jet Airways Daily 2230 0330 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Delhi 9W581 Jet Airways Daily 2220 0310 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Goa 9W589 Jet Airways 7 2250 0335 10-Dec-17 10-Dec-17
Goa 9W589 Jet Airways Daily 2250 0335 11-Dec-17 08-Jan-18
Hyderabad 9W549 Jet Airways Daily 0110 0620 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Hyderabad 9W549 Jet Airways Daily 0900 1420 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Hyderabad 9W549 Jet Airways Daily 0900 1410 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Kochi 9W575 Jet Airways Daily 0805 1335 11-Feb-17 18-Feb-17
Kochi 9W575 Jet Airways 1456 0805 1335 20-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Kochi 9W575 Jet Airways Daily 0805 1340 27-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Kochi 9W575 Jet Airways Daily 0805 1335 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Lucknow 9W511 Jet Airways Daily 0815 1340 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Lucknow 9W511 Jet Airways Daily 0815 1340 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Lucknow 9W511 Jet Airways Daily 0840 1405 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Mangalore 9W501 Jet Airways 234567 0055 0605 26-Mar-17 02-Apr-17
Mangalore 9W501 Jet Airways Daily 0055 0605 03-Apr-17 28-Oct-17
Mangalore 9W501 Jet Airways Daily 0145 0645 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Mangalore 9W501 Jet Airways 257 0145 0645 12-Feb-17 24-Mar-17
1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3- Wednesday, 4- Thursday, 5- Friday, 6- Saturday, 7- Sunday.

Jet Airways Abu Dhabi Office Address & Contact Numbers

Abu Dhabi International Airport
Jet Airways (India) Limited.
Ground Floor, Omeir Travel Agency building,
Khalifa Street,
P.O Box 106434, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Reservations: +971 2 6118668

Airport: +971 2 5758787

Reservation: auhreservations@jetairways.com
Airport: auhdm@jetairways.com

Weather Prediction for Abu Dhabi

Tomorrow 01/19 10%
Mainly sunny. High 23C. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 km/h.
Saturday 01/20 0%
Sunny skies. High 24C. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 km/h.
Partly Cloudy
Sunday 01/21 0%
Partly Cloudy
Sunny and windy. High 21C. Winds NW at 30 to 50 km/h.
Monday 01/22 0%
Sunny. High 23C. Winds NW at 10 to 15 km/h.
Tuesday 01/23 0%
Mainly sunny. High 22C. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 km/h.
Wednesday 01/24 10%
Mainly sunny. High 23C. Winds SW at 10 to 15 km/h.

129 Thoughts on “Jet Airways Abu Dhabi”

  • Me and my son flew from Abu Dhabi to India. The seats were very comfortable as compared to other low fare carriers, and my son liked the food (especially the Indian food served by them) very much and also the in-flight entertainment was quite good. As far as the assistance is concerned the crew answered the calls promptly and did their job with a nice smiling face. The only minus point I would like to give them for the extra time they took in luggage delivery. It was overall a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend and would love to fly again.

    • I need to carry one LED TV 32 inch with 28kgs luggage on 23rd this month please confirm any additional charges for this

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    I am trying to book online air tickets from Abu Dhabi on Jetairways website through UAE credit cards(master) but I cannot do so. At the end, the payment is not taking place and a failure message is coming.

    Please advise how can I book online tickets from UAE through UAE local bank credit cards(master/visa) on jetairways website.



  • Hi,
    I have my flight this week. I want to know if I can take 50″ LED TV in your Jet Airways flight to Mumbai? My flight is night time around 10PM.

    Thanks & Regards
    Azher Shaikh

    • Yes you can take 50″ LED TV. But you’ll have to pay AED 180 as Jet Airways charges this fee for all TVs of 40 inches & above.

  • Why has Jet Airlines started non entertainment flights for Abu Dhabi and Delhi route?
    Please restart the entertainment flights with in flight TV.

  • Urgent need to know for a new joinee to our company today night. Whether we need to deposit his visa or not?

  • Please confirm if Jet Airways charges any penalty for changing the travel date. If yes then how much?

  • I want to travel with Jet Airways and my flight is end of this month. I want to know if I can take 42″ LED TV in your Jet Airways flight?

    My ticket is Abu Dhabi to Mumbai
    Mumbai to Chennai.
    How it safe they will transfer my TV one flight to another? For transit?
    M y flight no 585 timing 1.15 am

    • Yes, you can take 42″ LED TV. It is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about any damage to your TV.

    • For Jet Airways flights from Abu Dhabi to India, the free baggage allowance in Economy is 40 kgs. In addition to this you can also carry one piece of cabin baggage weighing not more than 7 kgs.

  • I tried several time to reschedule my ticket, but message appears as “Processing error detected”. what is the reason for this?

  • I want to do multi-city booking from Dubai/Abu Dhabi – Kualalampur – Singapore – Kolkata – Mumbai – Abu Dhabi .
    Will i get any discount from Jet Airways ?

  • Dear sir/madam

    I want to book ticket in Jet Air, can I use someone else’s credit card for booking the flight?

    • If the holder of the credit card is not the passenger, then the passenger should possess:
      a) A Photocopy of both sides of the credit card, which will have to be self attested by the credit card holder authorizing the use of the credit card for the purchase of the ticket. For security reasons, please strike out the Card Verification Value (CVV) code on the copy of your credit card.
      b) This Photocopy should also contain the name of the passenger, the date of journey and the sector on which the journey is made.

  • My family is coming to Abu Dhabi from Hyderabad plan dt: 27-Jun-13. Can i get the best deal for a direct flight.

    • Please use the flight booking engine provided on the left hand, it is the easiest and the most time saving way to find the best fares.

    • At present Jet Airways itself does not have direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Calicut (Kozhikode). But you can fly with Etihad, Jet Airways’ strategic partner. The flight schedule is given in the table above.

    • There are already two flights to Calicut (Kozhikode). See below:

      Kozhikode 6112 Etihad Airways Daily 2220 0345 2-Jan-13 1-Apr-13
      Kozhikode 6112 Etihad Airways Daily 2215 0345 2-Apr-13 28-Mar-14

      These are also mentioned in the list of direct flights from Abu dhabi in the table above.

    • At present we don’t have any information regarding this. We’ll update as soon as we hear anything about this.

    • Please call Jet Airways’ Abu Dhabi office on +971 2 635 1066 or +971 2 611 8668 for complete details.

  • I have my flight from Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Hyderabad (HYD) but its connecting via Mumbai, so from Mumbai I will be flying in domestic flight or the normal one?

  • My luggage weight is 45KG,How much do you charge for extra Kilos of luggage? Economy Class.

    i am going from abudhabi to mumbai.

  • I am trying to book a ticket from Abu dhabi to Chennai on 26.07.2013 – 04.09.2013, there is option of CHECK FARE showing the lowest fare of total 1909 AED.

    Can u tell me whether this fare is the correct one.

  • I am travelling on 20 July from Kochi to Abu Dhabi in Economy class. I would like to know the baggage allowance.

  • My family will travel from Delhi to Dubai on fourth July. They have copies of residence visa with them. Do they need ok to board permission, if so how do I take that. Their residence visa is issued from AL AIN Abu Dhabi UAE as I am working in Al AIN they are flying by Jet Airways do you have any office in Al AIN in UAE awaiting urgent reply.

    • Jet Airways has an office in Abu Dhabi, you may call the same on +971 2 635 1066 and +971 2 611 8668.

  • Yesterday i contact one of your staff over telephone and she answered it as 30 kg plus hand baggage of 7. Which is the right one ?

    • If you have already contacted the Jet Airways staff on phone then we request you to kindly go with their answer as they have complete information about your ticket. Our reply was based on the information provided on Jet Airways’ website.

  • My ticket No is 589 2110579642 booked on 10 June 2013. I would like to know the extra amount I must pay if I change the economy class to first class/business class, I got three more tickets with the following ticket nos. :
    1. 5892110579641
    2. 5892110579643
    3. 5892110579644
    I would also like to know the baggage allowance including the hand baggage.

  • Plz let me know the exact baggage allowance for my connecting flight from Abudhabi to Mumbai to Hyderabad. My travelling date is 21 July 2013.

  • Appreciate if you could confirm, before I make my booking, if I can take a 23″ LCD TV as cabin baggage in 9W575 / 9W6106 ?

    • You may not be able to take 23″ LCD TV as cabin baggage because the dimension of each piece of cabin baggage can’t be more than 115 linear cms and should not be more than 7kgs.

  • Hello,

    My mother is visiting me on tourist visa and I am not able to accompany her back. Is there a Marhaba service for Jet passengers from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai or can I trust Jet to accompany the senior citizen through immigration? Also, if at all I need to accompany her, is it possible to change her flight plan to Bangalore instead of Mumbai, though I booked through Yatra.com?
    What are the costs?

    • Please call Jet Airways’ local office and request for special assistance. They will help you if it is possible. For changing the flight plan, you’ll have to speak to the respective travel agency from where you booked your tickets.

  • By online booking I confirmed ticket but in my last name there is one spell mistake instead of mahammed I typed Mohammed. Will I face any problem because of this at the airport? If any, what can I do to get this corrected? Please advise me.

  • I want to travel with Jet Airways and my flight is end of this month. From Abu Dhabi to Mangalore I want to know if I can take 55″ LED TV in your Jet Airways flight? what are the charges and will it be counted as a part of baggage height of the led box is 84cms length is 152cms .

  • I have confirmed booking on jet AIR WAYS Flights under Expedia co in Booking ID3ZBQKK Jet Airways DILPVX. Please confirm Booking is OK.

  • I book a ticket from dubai to manglore on 31st of this month, unfortunately I need to book another ticket for my daughter (age 3) on same flight. Is there any possibility to book along with the other ticket.

  • Can I carry a rain shower lenth 160cm width 20cm as checked baggage. Abu dhabi tp kochin. Is any additional charge required

  • sir, I want send visa messages, the passenger coming to day from kochi to abudhabi, his booking ref 352 JAO,ticket:9W/ETKT 589 4138641484 TO DAY IS HOLYDAY, SO CAN U HELP ME.

  • Hi.iam take ready ticket from auh-maa jet air ways in cleartrip.how much allowed luggage checked in jet air ways and know hand luggage also.pls sir

  • Hello, I booked ticket to Manglore from Dubai for 26th Nov, I need to pre pone it to 25th Nov, How can I? and What is the approx additional charges I need to pay?
    Need feedback ASAP.
    Thank you!

  • Hi , just need information we r 2 people and I have led47 inch and total weight approx 80 kg including all how much all fare coming and we want to fly on 9 dec 2013 . Thanks for ur help and kindness. Mob: 0556725077. Traveling from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi. Kindly call us reply on mail asap

  • Just want to know from Jetairways, if there any plan to start a flight between Abu Dhabi or Dubai to Chandigarh in near future? What is the tentative date or month?


  • I have booked flight from Abu Dhabi to Kolkatta via. Mumbai (to & fro. Now I want to reschedule my flight from Abu Dhabi to Pune while keeping the same for coming back (Kolkatta to Abu Dhabi). The cost of rescheduling the flight is even more then the new ticket if i take from Mumbai to Pune. Is it justified to have this kind of situation.

  • I have booked my ticket for Chennai to Abu Dhabi date of 17.01.2014. I have e-visa. Should i send visa arrival message to jet airways office, Abu Dhabi. Is this necessary or not. Please clarify.

  • Sir, I took ticket jetairways auh to manglore.7 th feb.2014.now I need pre planned go to dubai to manglore same date, how much fanality. Plz ……i took ticket from online
    So im kindly request u sir….

  • i want to carry 42 inch led tv as i knw they will chare 40 or above bt i want to knw they will charge only 40 + inch or from 1-42 please clear this prblms………….

  • Team,

    I would like to know till which week Jet airways will allow expectant mother (pregnant woman) to travel in Fight.
    I have seen in site as till week 35?? What all documents is required for travelling?

    My Sector is from Abu Dhabi(AUH) to Kochi (COK).

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Sir,

    Iam looking for a holiday trip to Andaman and nicobar islands by mid april with my family approximate date will be 15/04/2014 and return from cochin.
    Do you fly to Andaman, My family comprises of my wife and one son aged 10yrs,

    what would be the cost do you arrange any accommodation etc at Andaman.

    will you please guide me.


  • Dear Sir,

    I have puchased online ticket for AUH-PAT-AUH. Recently I received an e-mail from Jet airways with revised timing, which doesn’t make any sense for route AUH-PAT. Please advise ASAP..

    Flight Nbr Date From/To Status Dep Arr
    9W581 21MAR AUHDEL HK 1040 1540
    9W727 21MAR DELPAT HK 1040 1200
    9W728 10APR PATDEL HK 1230 1410
    9W582 10APR DELAUH HK 2115 2320

  • I purchased a return ticket a few days back in Abudhabi-Chennai Sector. But while booking the ticket the amount was AED. 1069/- through my friends Credit card. But later he got a message from his bank that an amount of AED. 1111/- (AED. 1069 + AED. 42) was debited against the same. Kindly reply.

  • hi.. i really want to know that person’s name who work at gate no. 11 he is in ur staff and welcine guest and helps guest by giving proper direction.. He is wearing jet airways dresscode only and stand near a check in and baggage .
    its request to privide his name.. i am very much happy as he helped me to know abt rules and regulations.. i wqnt to thank him personally..
    so pps givevme hi full name.. 🙂 jet airways is best flight i wud loce to travel everytime

  • I want to fly from abudhabi to dhaka in march. 1st week, how much luggage (maximum) with hand bag i can carry ? urgent reply please

  • I’m Travelling Dubai to Manglore on thursday but I’m staying in Abu Dhabi, So any Bus Service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai Airport?

  • i have booked flight ticket ABU DHABI – MUMBAI -MANGLORE through GMP travel agent.ON 08/05/2014.AUH -MUMBAI 22.30 -06.15[08/05/2014]
    How much KG luggage allow me upto Manglore

    MUMBAI-MANGLORE-13.15 – 14.25[09/05/2014]

  • I stay at Dubai but want to fly from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore, can you please suggest if any shuttle service from Dubai is available and how much is the baggage allowance checked in and hand carry. Regards.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am going to fly on 15th of April my free Baggage allowance 40kg and 7kg Cabin,But i have 45 kg,how much the extra charge will come..

  • Sir, I wiswh to Travel from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on 6th June 2014 night, i have luggage like 40″ LD TV to Carry along with . Is you will Charge extra (Carriage payment)? . Also I wish know How much allowed luggage checked in jet air ways and plus know the hand luggage much weight can carry maximum.
    Please let me know

  • i hav my wife visa n ticket i want to have a ok to boat for it can u give me nearest jetairways office address i live in electra street.

  • Dear Sir,I have a booked ticket by credit card,and now i postponed my vacation so i want to cancel my ticket and need refund,how is possible and how to cancel my ticket,please reply me thanks

  • i bookd two tickets for my parents on may 12th. nw i want to book a ticket for my 3 yr old daughter. wot is the procedure?wen i contact jet customr care dey replied i can issue child tiket from their jet office only. bt wen i went ther they are sayin no child tiket nly adult tiket. nw i am confusd. can i take adult tiket for my child?or shud i take child tiket tslf?if so wot s d procedure.. kindly requesting dat i need proper information as i hav very short tym.plz considr

  • In economy arrangement the baggage allowance being given is 30 kg check-in & 7 kg cabin, i booked my ticket abu dhabi to mumbai 9W583 considering the above given details of 40 + 7 kg. Now for the required additional 10 kg i am being asked to pay 280 aed extra??

  • I am travelling on 1 May from Al Ain to Kochi in Economy class.I purchased ticket from Etihad but flight operated by Jet Airways. my baggage allowance 30+7,Can I get free 10 kg extra for Check in from 24 hours in advance at Al Ain Airport?

  • I am Travelling on May 19 from Abu Dhabi to Kochi in Economy Class.I want to know whether I can drop my luggage in Al Ain International Airport.

  • Dear sir I hav a flight from abudhabi to Delhi tomorroe but my luggage is 32 kg will the jet authority leave me or do I need to pay for it

  • Dear Jet Airways authority,
    I am a frequent flyer thru jet airways in AUH and IXE destination. so i registered in Jet privilege facilities and redeemed jet mile points.
    Today i booked online 2 way ticket and with using my jetprivilege user ID.
    later i tried to open my jetprivilege account with accurate username and password. But it is showing your access is temporarily restricted.
    then i reported this matter to jetprivilege customer team via eamil. so they are again and again asking personnel documents despite i provided my valid Passport scan copy. Please i want to know what is the actual problem and advise.

    Asif U K.

  • HI,

  • Hi,
    I have my flight next week from Abu dhabi to Hyderabad. I want to know if I can take 50″ LED TV in your Jet Airways flight?

  • hello dear ,
    i try to contact your jet airways since 5 hour no one answer the my call ,
    i just want ask simple question ,if i have flight from mumbai to abud dhabi flight number 584 and return flight number 583 visit visa. in this case still require OK to board?

  • For tourist visa ok to board required or not ?
    Travelling from thirvandrum to Abudhabi .I booked ticket in jetairways but operating by Etihad airways .

  • i booked my tickets from dubai to mangalore for next week with jet airways. can i check in my luggage 24hrs in advance at al ain airport?

  • Hi,

    I am based in Abu Dhabi and I have booked my new born son’s ticket with jet airways (COK-AUH), as he is arriving with rest of the family thsi week, i would like to do the OK to board message for him. Can this be done online or if not where should be the visa copy submitted. I would appreciate your quick advise.

    • I booked my flight ticket from Abu Dhabi to Mangalore on 8th January 2018,but actually I am staying in Dubai. can I get Jet Airways bus from dubai to Abu Dhabi Air port.

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