The Boeing 737 is a twin-engine narrow-body jet aircraft designed for short to medium range. From first launch in February 10, 1968, Boeing 737 has come a long way with several updates and changes. 9 models of the aircraft with a capacity of 85 to 215 passengers have been launched in-between. The 737 series of aircraft launched by Boeing is the best selling aircraft in the history of aviation. Jet Airways is one of the prime airlines that use 74 Boeing 737 Aircraft for short and mid range operation. Jet Airways is the first airline of the world to introduce in-flight entertainment systems on all Boeing 737 aircraft. The airline mainly uses 3 types of Boeing 737 Aircraft:

Boeing 737-700:

Jet Airways uses 14 Boeing 737-700 aircraft for short as well as mid range distance. The aircraft has 118 seating capacity (102 in Economy and 16 in Premier).

Boeing 737-800:

The Boeing 737-800 is launched as a stretched version of the 737-700 aircrafts, which replaced the 737-400 aircrafts. Jet Airways is currently using 54 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts and ordered additional 24 Boeing 737-800 Aircrafts. Jet Airways uses Boeing 737-800 with two types of seating arrangements: 154 (Premier: 16 + Economy: 138) and 170 (Premier: 8 + Economy: 162).

Boeing 737-900:

Jet Airways uses 6 Boeing 737-900 Aircrafts to connect short as well as medium haul distances. The aircraft has 166 seating capacity (Premier: 28 + Economy 138).

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