Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Doha is the capital city of Qatar. Doha is the largest city and economic centre of the state of Qatar and has the largest population of the country with 60% residents of the country residing in the city and its surrounding area. The has numerous tourist attractions and by hosting 2006 Asian Games, 2011 Pan Arab Games and 2011 AFC Asian Cup successfully, the city has created a buzz all across the globe.

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Tourist Atractions of Doha
Doha is home to most of the attractions of the country which include historical places, museums, cultural places, parks etc. Some attractive destinations in Doha that you may like to visit during your Doha trip are Museum of Islamic Art, The Corniche, Katara Cultural Village, Aspire Park, Villaggio, Khor Al Udeid, Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, Grand Mosque, Qatar National Museum and Aquarium, Film City, Islamic Culture Center, etc..

Doha International Airport
Doha International Airport is the only commercial airport in Qatar. It serves as the main base of operation for Qatar Airways. It was the 27th busiest airport by cargo traffic in 2010. 30 passenger airlines from all corners of the globe connect almost 120 destinations world-wide. There are 60 check-in gates, 42 aircraft parking bays and 8 baggage claim areas in this airport. Jet Airways operates daily flights to Kozhikode, ThiruvananthapuramKochi, Mumbai and Delhi from Doha International Airport.

Hamad International Airport
Hamad International Airport is an under construction airport in Doha, capital of Qatar. Situated 5 kms east of the current airport, the New Doha International Airport is all set to replace Doha International Airport on 1 April 2013.

Getting To/From Doha International Airport
For getting To/From the Doha International Airport you can choose from Taxis, Hotel Coaches, Limousines and Car rental services. All of them can let you pick/drop from/to any part of the city and also drop/pick from the airport.

Jet Airways Flight Schedule from Doha

Destination Flight No Operating Carrier Days Operated Departure Arrival Eff From Eff Till
Mumbai 9W559 Jet Airways 1267 0230 0830 10-Dec-17 08-Jan-18
Mumbai 9W551 Jet Airways Daily 2240 0440 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Mumbai 9W551 Jet Airways Daily 2305 0450 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Mumbai 9W551 Jet Airways 135 2305 0450 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Mumbai 9W551 Jet Airways Daily 2305 0450 11-Feb-17 19-Mar-17
Mumbai 9W551 Jet Airways 123456 2305 0450 20-Mar-17 25-Mar-17
Delhi 9W201 Jet Airways Daily 0235 0845 26-Mar-17 13-May-17
Delhi 9W201 Jet Airways Daily 0235 0845 14-May-17 28-Oct-17
Delhi 9W201 Jet Airways Daily 0245 0840 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Delhi 9W201 Jet Airways Daily 0245 0840 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Delhi 9W553 Jet Airways Daily 2155 0410 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Delhi 9W553 Jet Airways Daily 2325 0525 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Delhi 9W553 Jet Airways Daily 2325 0525 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Kochi 9W555 Jet Airways Daily 2250 0550 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Kochi 9W555 Jet Airways Daily 2255 0545 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Kochi 9W555 Jet Airways Daily 2255 0545 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Kozhikode 9W595 Jet Airways 1267 0230 0900 11-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
Kozhikode 9W595 Jet Airways Daily 1335 2030 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Kozhikode 9W595 Jet Airways 345 1355 2025 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Kozhikode 9W595 Jet Airways Daily 1355 2025 29-Oct-17 08-Jan-18
Thiruvananthapuram 9W593 Jet Airways 345 0230 0925 15-Feb-17 24-Mar-17
Thiruvananthapuram 9W593 Jet Airways Daily 0230 0925 26-Mar-17 28-Oct-17
Thiruvananthapuram 9W593 Jet Airways 345 0230 0925 29-Oct-17 09-Dec-17
1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3- Wednesday, 4- Thursday, 5- Friday, 6- Saturday, 7- Sunday.

Jet Airways Doha, Qatar Office & Contact Number

Hyatt Qatar Travels
Address D-Ring road,
P.O Box 158
Doha – Qatar.

Phone: +974 4407 2222

Weather Prediction for Doha

Today 02/18 0%
Plenty of sunshine. High 32C. Winds SSE at 15 to 25 km/h.
Tomorrow 02/19 0%
Mostly sunny skies. High 26C. Winds N at 15 to 30 km/h.
Tuesday 02/20 0%
A mainly sunny sky. High around 25C. Winds NNW at 15 to 30 km/h.
Partly Cloudy
Wednesday 02/21 0%
Partly Cloudy
Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High near 25C. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 km/h.
Partly Cloudy
Thursday 02/22 0%
Partly Cloudy
Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 26C. Winds ESE at 15 to 25 km/h.
Friday 02/23 0%
Sunny. High 28C. Winds SE at 10 to 15 km/h.

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  • Booked my ticket for Doha with jetairways.com for the first time and I was bit tensed before boarding the flight as it was my first flight journey. The cabin crew members of the flight helped me a lot and were very courteous. Special thanks to the crew and Jet Airways.

  • Could you please tell me the telephone number of Jet airways office in Doha? I could not find it in your website.
    Thank you

    • Dear Raj,

      Please use the flight booking engine to find the best fares on any given date. Regarding free baggage allowance, you can carry up to 40 kgs of free check-in baggage in economy class. and up to 50 kgs of free check-in baggage in premiere class.

      • Dear Faisalasamdi,

        Please use the flight booking engine to know the fares. For information regarding baggage please read our earlier comments on this page.

        • I m also flying Doha to Ahmedabad via Delhi at 15 Dec 2017 .I have 2 piece of check in and one hand carry bag. in my ticket 30 kg is written so total 30 or 30+7.also please tell extra baggage charge

  • Please provide the best offer rate to Doha – mangalore return fare with travelling date 06/8/2013 ~ 18/10/2013

  • I am working at Doha International Airport (Civil Aviation Authority). I want to book the ticket from doha to mumbai on 11 Mar 13 and return ticket Mumbai to Doha on 28 night Mar 13.

  • Next april i am traveling from doha to calicut and i would lyke to take a 32″ LCD TV, so wether i should pay anything for this in airport??

  • I would like to carry Guitar from Doha to Mumbai on 23rd March flight.
    Can I hand carry Guitar without box ? Please reply.

    • Dear Jasim,
      At present, Jet Airways does not have a direct flight from Doha to Kozhikode. We’ll inform as soon as we get any news about this.

  • Sir,
    I am living in Qatar. My mother-in law is coming today from Kerala in your flight. At what time to be arrived the jet airways flight from Kochi today evening? Let me know, please.

  • It is noted that air line has reschedule my travel plans in booking AN200105616456, as we are having connecting flight for onward travel to Doha on Fri, 29 Mar 13, 18:45 hrs which will definitely miss due to said reschedule.

    You are requested to re-look into the schedule and provide us another option so we can be able to catch our next flight from Delhi to Doha on Fri, 29 Mar 13, 18:45 hrs.

    My earlier flight schedule is as below for your reference.

    Lucknow(LKO) New Delhi(DEL) Refundable Fare
    Fri, 29 Mar 13, 16:10 hrs Fri, 29 Mar 13, 17:30 hrs Duration:1h 20m
    (Local Time) (Local Time) Cabin:Economy

  • i am traveling from doha to Delhi and i would like to take a 42″ LED TV, so whether i should pay anything for this on airport to Airlines?? I mean will they allow it as free baggage? or need to pay anything extra?

  • i have booked my ticket on 25th March, Doha to Cochin in economy class.. howmuch baggage i can carry? somebody telling 40 kg is it correct or 40+7 is correct?

    • Dear Shani,
      If you’ve booked the ticket online then you can use the “Manage Booking” feature to modify your travel date.

  • Sir
    i got ticket to go march 30 Doha to Trivandrum (via) bombay
    can i know the baggage will collect in trivandrum or Bombay!
    Please answer me

    • Dear Nowfal,
      You can collect your baggage at Trivandrum, but you’ll have to inform the ground staff at the time of check-in.

  • good afternoon Sir,

    Today i am flying from Doha to Mumbai and Mumbai to Visakhapatnam. How much baggage can I take in economy class.

    • Dear Prasad,
      The free baggage allowance is as given below and is applicable for all flights from Doha to India.

      #up to 40kg check-in baggage
      #up to 7kg cabin baggage.

  • please tell me i want to bring my family from delhi to doha on visit visa on 4th april where in doha i ll buy ticket in your office and any documents you need i have all visit visa
    i adukt
    2 children
    plz tell me

    • Dear Mohamed,
      Yes, the baggage allowance depends on the city/airport you are flying from and not the place from where you book your tickets.

  • I am residing in Doha-Qatar and was trying to get some contact details of an of your office to book my tickets to Kochi for the month of July, 13.
    Please advise how I can book my tickets, will wait for your advise ASAP.

  • I booked online ticket from Doha to Kochi (check fare).Can i reschedule this ticket.How much will be the charge?

    • Yes you can reschedule your ticket. For charge, you’ll need to check the fare rules provided with your ticket.

  • can you please tell me that when i have already booked return tickets from kochin – Doha.. so my question is can i change my date from return ticket.. this is my kindly request.. let me know the schedule from return ticket date. so pls inform me as much as possible…..

  • How can i send visa conformation message to jetairways doha qatar? iwant to travel on 08/04/2013 from cohin to doha qatar

  • i book my ticket from doha to vadodara via mumbai with single PNR. where i got luggage at mumbai or vadodara. i need directly vadodara because my wife travelling alone with small children is that possible.

  • I was supposed to return from Doha to Srinagar on 01 Jan flight no 9w553 & 9w7088. Due to some reasons I couldn’t return on time. I fly from Srinagar to Doha on 01 Dec, 2012. Please let me know if this ticket is still valid so I can reschedule the same on 27 April.

    Waiting for your assistance


    • Please contact Jet Airways’ local office/representative, they will be able to guide you better on this matter.

    • What is the formality for add visa message on ticket. My friend is traveling from Kochi to Doha on 10th July (9W-556). Holding Employment visa (Permanent visa). Does it require visa message?

  • I want to book a ticket to Doha to Mangalore through my credit card today and I am going to India for good. I am travelling on 03/05/2013 after by the end this month i am going to cancel my credit card. If there is any issue travelling after cancellation of credit card?

  • can you please tell me that if i want to carry a 46 inches led with me from doha qatar to india then is there any extra charges which i have to pay at doha airport or in india like any tax or custom etc . i m in a connecting flight from doha to new delhi and then from new delhi to amritsar. i m confused so kindly sugest me .

    • Please let us know the arrival and departure airport and the cabin class so we can provide you the right information.

  • I have booked (online) my ticket through Jet Airways for 28th July from Doha to Bangalore by mistake. Actually I want to fly on 28th of June. Is it possible to reschedule?

  • I have already taken the ticket from Doha to Kochi in Jet Airways. I want to know, is it confirm that the flight will leave on the right time.

    • For the travel details given by you, the free check-in baggage is 30 kgs for economy class and 50 kgs for premiere class.

  • My Jet privilege membership No.is 136885582, a member since more three years. Mostly, since then I was travelling in Jet Air with my family members annually ( 4 members) from Doha to Kochi by jet airways and the membership number used to be provided when the booking was made. But never used to credit any JP miles to my account. Even I tried to claim it after our travels by logging in, once you give PNR number, the site used to get hanged. Afterwards I stopped attempting for it.

    sometime back I noticed ny JP miles balance is 5372 as per 20th June 2013 report. Be noted that i had traveled ( alone)in the first week of June 2013 ( PNR :KMQURH) where by I am expected to get 3872. therefore I seek the following clarifications
    – I don’t know if the balance includes the JP miles from my recent travel. if not please arrange to add to it
    – How can i get the JP miles for all of my previous travels after taking the Privilege membership

  • Dear Sir / madam

    I have confirmed ticket to travel from Doha to Bangalore via Delhi,on 3rd July flight no 9W553 in economy class, I want know the baggage weight details and whether i have to receive baggage at Delhi or in Bangalore .

    • The free baggage allowance for your flight is 30 Kgs. You can receive it in Bangalore but you’ll have to inform the Jet Airways staff in advance.

  • When iam carrying 40kg in local jet connect even though iam a international passenger. They won’t allow me to carry full 40kg baggage

    • These are Jet Airways’ travel classes. Premiere class offers additional services that are not available in Economy class.

  • I am going to travel on 6th august ,2013 from Doha to Patna via Jet Airways. How much weight is allowed?

    • The free check-in baggage allowance as per the details given by you is 30 Kgs (economy class) and you can also carry 7 kgs of free cabin baggage.

  • I have booked ticket in jet airway from doha to hydrabad, now i want to check my booking details. How could i check?

    • If you’ve booked the ticket online from Jet Airways’ website then you can use the manage booking option to check your booking details.

  • Hi I booked ticket using my debit card, from Kochi to Doha, but while doing the payment I accidentally clicked the card holder is not travelling, actually it was my card and I am my self travelling. Will it make any issue? Please help.

  • I am travelling by jetairways friday 05july by doha cochin can i early check in my baggage.

    • Check-in usually starts 180 minutes before departure. Please call the customer care for complete information.

  • I have booked to travel on 9W555 on the 17th with my family, printed ticket shows a baggage allowance of 40 Kg, is there any change to this allowance.

  • I am planing to go to India on 10/9/2013. At that time I will be 33 weeks pregnant. Can I travel at that time? What are the requirements for travel at that time.

    • For International Flight except Dhaka, Colombo and Kathmandu and Pregnancy of 29 to 35 weeks:

      • Expectant mother with uncomplicated single pregnancy may be accepted for travel provided she is in possession of a fitness to fly certificate from her treating obstetrician, specifying the number of weeks of pregnancy; Company Medical Department clearance is not required.
      • Cases of multiple pregnancy / complicated single pregnancy are accepted till the end of 32 week, provided she is in possession of fitness to fly certificate from her treating obstetrician; the Company Medical Department clearance is also required.
  • I am going to travel on 5th august ,2013 from Doha to Mumbai – Mangalore via Jet Airways. How much baggage is allowed?

    • During vacation, our return flight on 11th Sep is from Bangalore to Mumbai’, & from Mumbai to Doha as per booking.
      I would like to know, instead of boarding at Bangalore can we board at Mumbai and catch divert flight to doha. The reason is we failed to get flights from Vishakapatnam to Bangalore, and hence if it is ok we will catch Mumbai to Doha flights. Since we have confirm bookings did we need to inform jet airways or shall we proceed. Waiting for your early reply.

  • Gud morning. I am going from Doha to Mangalore. How many kg baggage allowance. I have 40 kg luggage and hand carry bag is 7 kg. And what is extra baggage charge. Please inform me.

  • Dear Travel Partner,
    Is there any chance to get Baggage clearance in Kozikode instead of Mumbai?, because I booked ticket from Doha to Kozikode Via Mumbai with family, so its really burden for me with kids loading and unloading the baggage in Mumbai Airport.

    I appreciate if you could help in this matter.

    With regards,
    Your valid Customer.

    • Yes you can receive your baggage directly in Kozhikode. For that you’ll have to do Through Check-in at Doha Airport.

  • Please let me know the status of Flight 9W 555, DOHA-COCHIN on 05th Aug 2013,ie today, as the Cochin airport is closed due to bad weather.

  • Good morning. I am going from Doha to Mangalore. How many kg baggage allowance. I have 40 kg luggage and hand carry bag is 7 kg. And what is extra baggage charge.

  • I have jet airways flight on 7-08-2013 to Doha-Mumbai-Mangalore and I have 40kg baggage and 7 kg hand carry, is it acceptable?

    • The free baggage allowance in Economy on your travel sector and date is 30 Kgs check-in baggage and 7kg hand/cabin baggage.

  • I bought ticket in jet airways, but I found my luggage allowed is 30 kg. Is there any option to increase my luggage weight? My flight is Doha to Kochi.

  • My mother is coming tomorrow CCJ to Doha. But her last name is incorrect: FOUSIYA K. The correct name is FOUSIYA MAHMOOD.

  • I have booked for tomorrow flight DOH-COK. So what will be the free baggage allowance in Economy class (agency people informed 40+7=47kg) please confirm the same. Also I want to know that excess baggage charge per kg.

    Thank you

  • My wife & me travelling from Doha to Cochin on 16th September 2013 through JetAirways, baggage allowance mentioned in my ticket is 30KG/Pax. Somebody told me that we can carry 40 Kg of baggage? can you please check & let me know the exact baggage allowance that we can carry for this travel?

    Fahad Hamza, Qatar

    • The baggage allowance is as mentioned on your ticket. At present, 40 Kg baggage allowance in Economy from Doha is for Jet Privilege members (k & above).

  • Can i carry 2 air coolers of size 555x430x930mm of 9.5 kg weight for each to my way to Kochi from Doha in jet airways.

  • I have booked a flight ticket for mumbai in jetairways from india.i need a return ticket from mumbai to doha on november 24(flexible date).please help me to get a ticket of low fare in jet airways.

  • Hi,

    I am travelling from DOHA to DELHI on 08 Oct and coming back on 09 Nov 2013. Please advised me the baggage allowance for an adult and infant both ways.

  • Hi,
    My parents are flying from Delti to Doha next week by Jet Airways….They are carrying their paper visa, Will I be needing the OK TO BOARD message on their tickets. Please reply on a urgent basis and also if its is needed, how can I get it done.

  • My wife & kids coming to Doha – jet airways on a family visit visa , Is OK to board required . If so what is the procedure

  • My wife and two kids are coming to doha through family visit visa on 05th Decmber 13 in Jet Airways 9W556(Kochin-Doha).My question is before boarding,now visa message is the madatory requirement.if it is required how can i give?

  • Hi,

    My parents are travelling from DOHA to CHENNAI on 20-Dec-2103. I have few queries on below

    1. Whether, checked in baggage from DOHA should be checked out and check in again in Delhi terminal ??

    Can you please help us on the above at the earliest.


  • hi I wanted to postpone my ticket which is actually booked for tomorrow night to day after or on 14th….so wanted to know about the procedures to do so and if whether it will cost some extra charges

  • hi,i have booked(online) ticket from doha to delhi. my flight is on tomorrow night.by mistake i have given my wrong email id. will it be problem at airport tomorrow. plz.reply as soon as possible.

  • Dear Sir,

    How I can change online my ticket date and time and up to what time before scheduled flight time i can make a change.

  • hello

    I would like to ask I have return ticket from Indore>Delhi>Doha on 24th march 2014 but i would like to make it on 30th of march 2014
    can you please assist me in this what should I do? my current location is Doha and I will be flying on 16th Feb 2014. Is it advisable I will change the return ticket after reaching India or I will change it in Doha itself
    before flying..
    how much would be the additinal chages?

  • Hi,
    My husband has got a work visa to Qatar and he will be travelling Feb 2014 end. He can get the residence visa /family visa only after getting there. But I wish to travel along with him. Can Jet airways help me in getting a visit/tourist visa for a month? whats the fees?

  • Hi,
    I booked the ticket online from jetairways site for Doha-Mumbai-Doha with my family,

    how I can done the “Ok to Board” for my family.


  • I travelled with my kids from Kochi to Doha on 27th March 2014.But to my disappointment there wasn’t any games or entertainment for my kids on that day!!!Why was that?

  • Hi .. Is through check- in of Checked -in baggage available from DOHA to Calicut via Mumbai ?
    Is the 40KG applicalbe for the Mumbai – Calicut ?
    Please advice..

  • I have decided to take a ticket in Doha to Kozhikode Jet airways, please regarding the luggage we want to recollect when get down in Mumbai, otherwise is it collecting from Calicut airport only ?

  • I booked ticket on 11th June 2017 from doha to chennai. In ticket baggage allowance is 40kg shall I carry?

  • Dear Sir; One of our staff going to fly by tomorrow morning “28th June 2017” from TRV to Doha • Boeing 737. We forget to doing visa massage. now we went Doha office unfortunately Eid holiday timing is 9 am to 1 pm. So i couldn’t submit document. So should be submitted by tomorrow morning 9 am Only local time Qatar. But problem is his flying time before that local time in India 10.35 Am. So that time here Qatar office not open. So please let me know what should i do.

  • Hi,
    My mother is flying from cochin to Doha next Thursday 12-07-17 by Jet Airways and carrying visa copy, Will I be needing the OK TO BOARD message on tickets. Your immidiate reply highly appreciated.

  • Dear Sir,

    My family is travelling from delhi to doha in coming thrusday 28-12-2017 by Jet Airways 8:30PM. They have Tourist visa, Hotel voucher and Return Ticket. Please let me know Is OK TO BOARD is required?
    Your Immidiate response will be highly appreciated.

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