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Discover the mystery of one of the most modern towns of the world, which is also a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. Experience the excellence of in-flight facilities, get some eye catchy offers, refresh your mind with desert safari and take rest in one of the top class hotels and lots more.

Rich culture and heritage, pleasing hospitality, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, intriguing deserts, fascinating heritage attractions, yearlong pleasing weather and a thriving business community of Dubai attracts millions of business and leisure visitors from all corners of the globe.

Places of Attraction
The strategic location of Dubai makes it a hot choice among nature based tourist destination. In addition, tall skippers, historical villages, festivals and man made other attractions attract visitors from all corners of the world to Dubai. Some important tourist destinations in Dubai are Archaeological sites of Al Ghusais, Al Sufooh and Jumeirah; old Bastakiya district; Sheikh Saeed’s House; Jumeirah Mosque; Grand Mosque; Burj Nahar; The Souks on both sides of the Creek; Bait Al Wakeel; Dubai Museum; Bani Yas Square; Deira Creek-side; Dubai Zoo; etc.

Dubai International Airport
Situated in the northeast part of Dubai, Dubai International Airport is the main airport serving the city and is a major airline hub in the Middle-East. The Department of Civil Aviation operates the airport and is the main hub for Emirates, FlyDubai and Emirates SkyCargo and is secondary hub for Qantas. The airport handled 6000 weekly flight movements operated by 130 airlines and connects 220 destinations across the globe.

Getting To/From Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport is well connected with the city through bus, metro rail and taxi service. 2 lines of Dubai Metro connect the airport with rest of the city and provide excellent communication. You will get buses operated by RTA from Airport Ground Transportation Center and reach any part of the city. Dubai International airport is connected with the city through the road D 89. You can also use your own vehicle for transportation to/from the airport. However, Dubai Taxi Agency provides 24 hrs services from the airport.

1. Get seamless connectivity between Dubai and Delhi, Dubai and Mangalore and Dubai and Mumbai
2. Enjoy excellent offers like Dubai Shopping Festival offer
3. Get some excellent tour packages that starts from INR 35,170
4. Carry up to 40 kgs of check-in baggage and 7 kgs of cabin baggage in Economy class
5. Carry up to 50 kgs of check-in baggage and 7 kgs of cabin baggage in Premiere
6. Carry extra baggage at minimum cost of USD 15/kg
7. Airfare starts from INR 8,500

Jet Airways Flight Schedule from Dubai

Destination Flight No Operating Carrier Days Operated Departure Arrival Eff From Eff Till
Mumbai 541 Jet Airways Daily 1215 1635 30-Oct-12 30-Mar-13
Mumbai 541 Jet Airways Daily 1200 1635 31-Mar-13 26-Oct-13
Mumbai 541 Jet Airways Daily 1215 1635 27-Oct-13 29-Mar-14
Mumbai 543 Jet Airways Daily 2140 0215 31-Mar-13 26-Oct-13
Mumbai 543 Jet Airways Daily 2200 0220 27-Oct-13 29-Mar-14
Mumbai 543 Jet Airways Daily 2200 0220 4-Jan-13 30-Mar-13
Mumbai 535 Jet Airways Daily 1610 2045 14-Nov-12 30-Mar-13
Mumbai 535 Jet Airways Daily 1445 1920 31-Mar-13 26-Oct-13
Mumbai 535 Jet Airways Daily 1610 2045 27-Oct-13 29-Mar-14
Mumbai 537 Jet Airways Daily 1845 2320 31-Mar-13 26-Oct-13
Mumbai 537 Jet Airways Daily 1855 2320 16-Nov-12 30-Mar-13
Mumbai 537 Jet Airways Daily 1855 2320 27-Oct-13 29-Mar-14
Delhi 547 Jet Airways Daily 2255 0345 31-Mar-13 26-Oct-13
Delhi 547 Jet Airways Daily 2155 0225 27-Oct-13 29-Mar-14
Delhi 547 Jet Airways Daily 2320 0350 16-Jan-13 30-Mar-13
Delhi 545 Jet Airways Daily 1425 1910 18-Jan-13 30-Mar-13
Delhi 545 Jet Airways Daily 1425 1915 31-Mar-13 26-Oct-13
Delhi 545 Jet Airways Daily 1425 1855 27-Oct-13 29-Mar-14
Delhi 1547 Jet Airways 3 0320 0750 16-Jan-13 16-Jan-13
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 5 2230 0330 4-Jan-13 28-Mar-13
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 12347 2330 0430 4-Jan-13 28-Mar-13
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 12347 2330 0430 31-Mar-13 24-Oct-13
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 5 2230 0330 5-Apr-13 24-Oct-13
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 5 2230 0330 25-Oct-13 25-Oct-13
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 12347 2330 0430 26-Oct-13 27-Mar-14
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 5 2230 0330 26-Oct-13 27-Mar-14
Mangalore 531 Jet Airways 5 2230 0330 29-Mar-13 30-Mar-13
1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3- Wednesday, 4- Thursday, 5- Friday, 6- Saturday, 7- Sunday.

Compare the Fares

Flight Class Jet Airways Emirates Etihad Travel Date
Dubai to Delhi Economy AED 550* AED 630* AED 940* 14-Aug-2013
Dubai to Mangalore Economy AED 1,060* AED 1,280* - 14-Aug-2013
Dubai to Mumbai Economy AED 520* AED 810* AED 800* 14-Aug-2013
*One Way Fares, Checked on 30-July-2013
Weather for Dubai
Today Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 7:00 PM GST on January 18, 2017
Partly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 7:00 PM GST on January 19, 2017
Partly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM GST on January 20, 2017
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM GST on January 21, 2017
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM GST on January 22, 2017
It is forcast to be Chance of Rain at 7:00 PM GST on January 23, 2017
Chance of Rain

For any kind of query or problem, you can contact Jet Airways Dubai Office on:

Dubai International Airport
Emirates Group Travel Centre,
Near Clock Tower, Deira,


DnataTravel Centre,
Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai
Phone: +971 4 3166789
Fax: +971 4 3211064

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  • Abdul Basir  says:

    Thanks a lot to Jet Airways for starting the direct flight from Mangalore to Dubai. It is really a big relief for a business person like me who travels to Middle East quite often because of business. The low fares by Jet with such an excellent service is really very helpful in promoting the businesses to invite more investments from expats from the Middle East. And Jet Airways also introduces attractive fares for Dubai time to time (as Jet introduced special fares from Mangalore to Dubai at the time of Dubai shopping festival), these kind of special offers by Jet allows a business person like me to plan my trips to Dubai more frequently…Thanks

  • Santosh Dubey  says:

    Buying a ticket to Dubai from is the easiest way of booking Jet Airways flight. It is the cheapest way too, as I can compare the price and select the cheapest Jet Airways flight for my Dubai journey. Special thanks to for sharing such valuable information.

  • Gaurav Kumar  says:

    Best wishes and thanks to Jet Airways for launching flight between Dubai and Mangalore. Now, I can go home to meet my parents in Mangalore and come back to Dubai without taking a single leave. Thanks

  • Md. Rafique  says:

    Special thanks to Jet Airways for providing great deals for the Dubai Shopping Festival. We had a great experience there. Dhow Cruise and desert safari experiences were awesome. We would love to get the offer again next year on

  • waji nihal  says:

    How much is the Free Baggage allowance from Dubai to Lucknow on Jet airways ?.

    • jetmideast  says:

      Hi Waji,

      You can carry
      up to 40 kgs of free check-in baggage in economy class.
      and up to 50 kgs of free check-in baggage in premiere class.

  • moideen  says:

    how much is the baggage allowance from dubai to mangalore on jet airways

  • sujeet kumar gupta  says:

    how much baggage allowance for dubai to gorakhpur round trips in jet airways & connected jetkonnect flight because my ticket in dxb to gorakhpur return gorakhpur to dxb travel agents told 40kg baggage & 7 kg hand bag plz given right information …
    best regards

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Dear Sujeet,

      If you are traveling in economy class then you can carry up to 40 kgs of check-in baggage and 7 kgs of cabin baggage.

  • santosh khajekar  says:

    Please reply what is the baggage allowance for Dubai to Mumbai.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please refer to the information provided on this page above.

    • Mathew Baptist Viegas  says:

      Hi Santosh
      You can carry 40 kg in check in baggage and 10kg in cabin.

      • nweni  says:

        I am flying on 18th August 2013 with Jet Airways in Economy class. Can you please confirm me how much kgs of baggage allowed?

  • Leo Thomas  says:

    Though you are operating from Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah to different locations in India, it is unfortunate that you don’t have a toll free 24/7 number in UAE

  • Deepak  says:

    PNR NO. DBAMHO :- DXB to Mumbai departure from Terminal 1?
    Do you have online check-in ?

  • naveen louis  says:

    Good flight, excellent service. May God bless your business.

  • R Makkar  says:

    My father is holding a return ticket from Dubai to Mumbai for 21st of April. I called your office to check if the ticket can be extended but i was told the validity of ticket is 3 months. Is there any way the tickets can be extended or extend its validity for one week?

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      You may please call Jet Airways’ Dubai contact +971 4 3166789 to get all the relevant details.

  • gassali  says:

    what is the buggage allowance from dubai to manglore.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please check the information given on this page above.

  • Sadashiva  says:

    If I need to change my travel date due to some unforeseen reasons, Could it possible to change it from the web page or I need call?

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please call Jet Airways’ local office.

  • syed elyas  says:

    Pleas tell me the baggage allowance from dubai to bangalore

    • rashmi  says:

      Do you provide food in economy class?

      • JetAirwaysME  says:

        Yes, Jet Airways provides food in economy class of International flights.

  • faisal  says:

    i would like to know that, my mom and sis are visting uae on visit visa, do i required to do ok to board from jet airways uae here?

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please call Jet Airways’ Dubai office for the relevant information.

  • MANZOOR AHMED  says:

    would like to travel by Jet Airways

  • Subin Kumar  says:

    Good Day,
    I would like to know if I can take the following (Sharjah to Cochin)as checked in baggage, free of charges, within the limit of 40 kgs of checked-in luggage:

    An LCD TV, size of pack is 50 x 28.5 x 5 Inches or 127 x 73 x 12.5 Cms.

    Or what are the additional charges if this cant be included in 40 kg checked in baggage.

    Your quick reply will be of great help to me.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      You can carry TVs less than 40 inches for free. For all 40 inches & above TVs, Jet Airways charges an extra fee of AED 180.

  • aziz hussain  says:

    what is the price from dubai to ranchi india

  • Vikas  says:

    Hello, I am travelling from DXB To Chandigarh via Mumbai.
    There is one days stay at Mumbai. Can Jet Airways keep my luggage with them if i am ready to pay for that.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please get in touch with Jet Airways’ local office for more information on your query.

  • vinod rangwani  says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please I would like to know if I want to take one LED television of 50 inches having weight around 20-22 kgs to India, Did airlines allow me to take this LED TV with me

    Appreciate if I get the reply soon


    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      You can carry LCD/LED TVs up to 55 inches with Jet Airways. But please note for flights departing from Gulf airports on Boeing 737 aircraft, the maximum acceptable size for LCD / LED TV is 48 inches.

  • Muhammed Ali  says:

    kindly advice whether ticket can be purchased by my Debit card (Master card, issued from Emirates Islamic Bank) for myself and my family.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      At present Jet Airways does not accept debit card payments.


    I am holding ticket for dxb-mum on 13/07/2013.
    Kindly let me know what will be baggage allowance 30 kilos?

    Also please book for me window seat and confirm to this e-mail Address.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      For the travel date that you have mentioned, you can carry up to 40 kgs free baggage in Economy class. Regarding preferred seat selection, please contact Jet Airways’ local office.

  • Harmit  says:

    I hv my family comin to dubai via jet airways pn visit visa by tomorow evening. Pls advise by when latest i need to deposit their original visas at the airport ? Awaiting response

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please call Jet Airways’ Dubai office on +971 4 3166789 for all the relevant details.

  • damodaran chithari  says:

    Jet airways giving good service for the passengers, I am trying to go on leave 7th July return what is the fare of that day Dubai to Mangalore.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please use the flight booking engine to find the fares on any given date.

  • Shahrukh  says:

    Hi, jet airways has a line up of flights from Mumbai, any plans to link Dubai Ahmedabad direct? Would be great as currently the flights are too less and badly timed.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      At present we don’t have any information regarding this.

  • p.s.rayakar  says:

    Please tell me the max size of the check in baggage(Dubai – Mumbai sector economy class)

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please call Jet Airways’ local office for complete information.

  • ajay jadhav  says:

    for pregnant women within how many week she can travel from Dubai to Mumbai from Jet Airways.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please call Jet Airways’ local office for complete details.

  • vineeth thomas  says:

    I can carry up to 40 kgs of free check-in baggage in economy class. But e-ticket shows 30kg, I am travelling on 1st July 2013 (Dubai to Trivandrum) please reply.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      That’s correct. For travel between Jun 27, 2013 to Jul 12, 2013, the free baggage allowance in Economy is 30 kgs.

  • Raj Kumar  says:

    Hi.. I have purchased returned eticket from web portal Dxb-Del-Ixc for three passenger, but unfortunately one passenger will not be able to fly on specified date. Can date be extended or refund can be granted?

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Yes, dates can be changed. But for date change you’ll have to call Jet Airways’ local office.

  • Aruna  says:

    I am trying to book tickets through redemption of points , but one can’t redeem points for infants and I can’t book ticket for infant alone as that is not allowed on the site , please advice

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Kindly call Jet Airways’ local office.

  • Varugese Abraham  says:

    I cancelled a ticket, which I booked through agents, (Trip Id 1303255695 & Cancellation ref no:Z030535, Still I am waiting for the refund… please advise the correct contact details .

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      You may call Jet Airways’ Dubai office on +971 4 2226371.

  • Parmod  says:

    I am traveling on 31 Oct 2013, Dubai to Delhi and I have to booked e ticket. Can you confirm weight of baggage in economy ticket.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      40 Kgs of free check-in baggage and 7 Kgs of free cabin baggage.

  • Siddique  says:

    I am traveling on July 13th, how much kg baggage allowed?

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please let us know your travel sector and class of flight.

  • Juzer Mohammed  says:

    Please advise if you have early baggage check in from Dubai. I have evening flight and would like to check in now at 10.00 am? Is that possible? please advise urgently. Emirates has 24 hours, what about Jet airways please?

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Check-in usually starts 180 minutes before departure. You may please call the customer care to get more details.

  • Anisa jabeen  says:

    Dear, our booking ref#IDXSUB. Checked baggage allowance is 35kg . Please let us know how much is the per piece baggage allowance. Your quick response would highly appreciated-thanks

  • Muhammed Nishad  says:

    I am flying on 21st-July-2013 Jet Airways
    9W 543, sir can you please confirm weight of baggage in economy ticket.

  • Muhammed Nishad  says:

    I am flying on 21st-July-2013 Jet Airways
    9W 543, sir can you please confirm weight of baggage in economy ticket., Destination

  • Muhammed Nishad  says:

    Dubai to Kozhikode Duration:14hr 15min
    Jet Airways
    9W 543 Dubai (DXB)
    21 Jul, 09:40 PMto Mumbai (BOM)

    22 Jul, 02:15 AM
    Class : Economy | Duration : 3hr 5min | Aircraft: 73H
    Change of PlanesConnection Time : 9hr 25min
    Jet Airways
    9W 7093
    This flight is operated by JetKonnect Mumbai (BOM)
    22 Jul, 11:40 AMto Kozhikode (CCJ)


    i am flying on 21st July 2013, dubai-mumbai-calicut, i want know free baggage how much i can carry

  • Cecille  says:

    Hi Sir/ Mam;

    just wanna know the nearest location of your office. Thank You.

  • grace  says:

    i have a booking on jet mangalore – dubai on 18th july 2013. im carrying a copy of residence visa and the original is submitted at dubai airport.when contacted jet airways dubai for visa message to be sent to mangalore they say it isn’t required. kindly confirm if i can travel without an ok to board message with the copy of residence visa.

  • johny paul  says:

    I am travelling on 18th jul 13 from sharjah to cochin. Can you please confirm the followings
    1. How much kg baggage is allowed for economy class.
    2. Is it possible to take 47in led in the flight.

    please confirm

  • shabbir  says:


    can u please tell me how much is the luggage for Mumbai to Dubai

  • M.A.NADEEM  says:

    I am going to Hyderabad via Mangalore connecting flight. Could you please tell us we need to re-check the baggage again in Mangalore.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      If you don’t want to check-in again at Mangalore then you’ll have to use the facility of Through Check-in at Dubai Airport.

  • Rouistian  says:

    I’m a seaman and I do posses seaman book so can I know how much luggage can I carry.

  • Zubair Khan  says:

    Last week i went for Umrah & brought ZamZam 10 ltr Bottle. Tomorrow 6th Aug, I m flying to Mumbai. I have few queries.
    1)Will Jet Airways carry Zamzam 10 Ltr bottle free?
    2)I am carrying LCD 37 Inch. Is it accounted in my baggage allowance or seperate?
    3)what is the time for early checking from Dubai?

    kindly reply ASAP

  • anil  says:

    Please give me the Dubai office tele no, I would like to go early from Dubai to Delhi, whats the date change charge.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      The charges for date change depends on your booked ticket. The contact no. of Dubai office is +971 4 3166789.

  • jithu  says:

    i have made an online purchase of jet airways ticket for the date of 1/9/2013 from shj to cochin, but still i didnt receive the ticket copy or any confirmation in my email.

    • JetAirwaysME  says:

      Please contact the Jet Airways Sharjah office. You may call +06 568 3737 ext 330, 331, 332 or +06 568 3838 ext 330, 331, 332.

  • SURAJ  says:

    Does the 7 kg of hand baggage item include duty free purchased items and dates? Waiting for your reply.

  • Sathish  says:

    I am travelling on 6th Sep Dubai to Mangalore
    How much kg baggage is allowed for economy class?
    I am taking 42 inch led tv how much I need to pay?

  • sajeevan  says:

    I have purchased a ticket from dubai to delhi, travel date 3rd september 2013 on economy class. Flight no. 9W 545. How much kg baggage allowed?

  • joseph john  says:

    can you give me contact no.of Ernakulam office.

  • Zarina  says:

    I have sent a request for refund and there is no reply or acknowledgement of my request even after sending reminders. The only way i can send my request is via email to can anyone help me with this??

  • sumedha  says:

    Hi I want to pre-pone my air ticket (dubai to mumbai booked for 14 sept ,2013). Please tell me the procedure and charges for above.

  • Rakesh  says:

    Hi, I have booked tickets for my parents travelling today from Mumbai to Dubai on JetAirways, I want to know the age criteria for Senior Citizens and any special services or discount offers JetAirways provide for Senior Citizens.
    Appreciate a lot for quick revert, Thanks.

  • Vijay L  says:


    I am flying with my family next week to Mumbai from Dubai and would like to carry an LCD TV upto 47″ screen size. What would be the charges? And what is the acceptable weight for the LCDs?


  • abhijit  says:

    my mom coming from mumbai to dubai does she require ok to board fot ticket

  • Prati  says:

    My sister will be coming on tourist visa immediately once the visa is ready. Please tell me if ok to board is required if ticket is booked in Jet & if yes what should be the time gap between it & travel?

  • rabtar gulati  says:

    I m travelling on 25-12-2013, from dubai to delhi, would like to know baggage allowance. . Pkz reply as soon as possible

  • vishal sharma  says:

    Dear Jet Team
    I am flying to dubai from delhi on 29th of December 2013 on a new employment visa.Do I need to have
    “Visa on Arrival” message updated.
    Awaiting your kind reply oin order to have a hassle free journey.
    Kind regards

  • aquib  says:

    I have a returning ticket from Dubai to delhi (Economy) jet airways on 19 january what is the charge if i prepone it to 14 january please reply.

  • Pritika  says:

    Is ok to board status needed by an Indian citizen traveling to Dubai on an employment visa? An urgent response would be much appreciated.

  • ABDUL RASHEED  says:

    I am traveling on 14th April 2014, Dubai to Mangalore and I have to booked e ticket. Can you confirm weight of baggage in economy ticket.

  • Pooja  says:

    Hi, I have a booking through Jet Airways (connected flight Dxb-Del-Dehradun ; Dehradun- Del-Dxb) which i want to cancel, however the cancellation charges are too much. And for extending the ticket also carries a charge. Make my trip told me that if I contact the airlines directly and request for “OPEN TICKET” I might save the cancellation charge. Can you please guide me the open ticket option? I called your number 04-3166789 however no response. Pl help urgently.

  • Harsh Bhandari  says:

    Hi !! Is there any change in the flights from Dubai airport due to the maintenance at Dubai airport…. since when the flight operations will be changed.

  • Deepak Nayak  says:

    I have done the booking of my wife from Mumbai to Dubai for 2nd May 2014,kindly want to know that whether OK to Board is required to done.

    Please reply

  • junaid anwar  says:

    8th may 2014 dubai to delhi,

    how much check in weight is allowed. ?

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